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Frequently Asked Qestions

  • Why is your minimum order/reorder $100.00?With today’s prices, we feel that an initial order of $100.00 is more than fair. This minimum allows even the smallest retail store to sample enough pieces to create a display with visual impact. No matter the size, each order requires invoicing, packing and shipping. Minimum orders of $100.00 help to keep our costs down and our prices low.
  • Why don’t you ship backorders under $50.00? We make every effort to ship orders complete. If you request a split ship, we can estimate when the backorder will be ready. However, if unforeseen circumstances delay shipping for too long, we will either cancel your backorder or contact you regarding the new expected ship date. It is costly and inefficient to ship less than $50.00 worth of merchandise.
  • Why do you require my debit/credit card information at the time I place my order when I have requested a future ship date? If we do not have your debit/credit card information when the order is ready to ship, we have to call for it. This not only drives up our costs, it is extremely inefficient as store owners are frequently not in their stores when we call. Having to call again and again while the order sits prepared and ready on the shelf disrupts our cash flow and inventory management which drives prices up.
  • Is my debit/credit card information secure and private?Yes. We do not share customer information except for confidential credit references to other wholesalers. Your debit/credit card information is kept under lock and key and never in our computer data. If you wish to request that we do not keep this information on file for future orders, you can rest assured that we will destroy it after the order is shipped.
  • How soon can my order be shipped?Orders are generally shipped within 48 hours. If your order is not entirely in stock, and the backorder would be larger than $50.00, we will contact you regarding your preference:

    a.) wait to ship the order complete

    b.) ship now and send the backorder as ready

    c.) ship now and cancel the backorder

  • Why are certain designs “closed out”?Closeouts are generally designs that have been in our line for several years. Closing them out allows us to offer fresh, new designs every six months. When an item is closed out, the price is reduced.
  • Why don’t you sell retail on the website?he consumer. Each link in the chain, the artist, Moosepablos and the retailer, must concentrate on their segment of the business in order for the chain to be strong and successful. We are partners of a sort with our customer, the retailer, and do not wish to compete with them.
  • How do I clean my copper jewelry?Our copper does not have a lacquer coating as in time this coating wears off leaving uneven color and brightness. Instead, the copper will oxidize just as silver does. We suggest storing copper jewelry in a bag or box when not in use and cleaning it with a silver cloth to restore luster. If, however, you wish to brighten the piece without polishing, simply submerge it entirely in white vinegar. Remove after 5 minutes, rinse in clear water and dry thoroughly. The piece will be new penny bright!


With thanks to:

Mlary L Davis and Greta Pack authors of 'Mexican Jewelry'

Trova Universitaria Music

356-D Block Sabzazar
Lahore, Pakistan

Terms & Conditions

Wholesale to the trade only. We must have a copy of your tax resale certificate on file. Our minimum order is $100.00.


Shipping Information:

  • Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of receipt. New accounts must provide debit/credit card information prior to shipping. Please call 1-888-780-8377 to provide your card information.
  • Established firms may apply for Net 30 day credit terms. To apply, please mail, email or fax your credit sheet including information from at least five companies that have sold to you on an open account for at least the previous two years. Interest of 1.5% per month will be charged on past due accounts.
  • There is a $1.50 handling charge for every box shipped. We will ship your order UPS ground, 3-day select, blue label or red label, per your request. All shipments are insured. Shipping is charged at the current UPS rate.

Bounced Checks :

  • There is a $50.00 charge for all bounced checks. Any bounced check will automatically change your terms to prepaid only.

Back Orders :

  • We do not ship backorders under $50.00, nor do we send more than one backorder per order unless requested to do so by the customer.

Defective Merchandise:

  • If you receive any defective merchandise, please return it within 10 days with a copy of the original invoice for repair, replacement or credit on your account. Valid returns include damages and defects ONLY.